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Bishop's Welcome

Most Reverend Gary Gordon, Bishop of Victoria

The gift of children and youth! They call forth from their Moms and Dads AWE and wonder at all that God has given! They call forth all of the responsibility to be authentic — to witness to the excellence that God has imprinted in their being from the moment of their existence in their mother’s womb.

The staff of our Island Catholic Schools assist parents in their primary responsibility of being good teachers and examples of virtue for the treasure of their children. Authenticity of Catholic education is founded in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who in his life, death and resurrection, reveals what it is to be fully human and the meaning of life itself.

The Catholic school is a witness to the Gospel of life and the promise of eternal life in Jesus Christ.

This fundamental goal of Catholic schools explains why the staff of our schools, above all else, Witness to their personal relationship with Jesus Christ with you and your children, and are authentically engaged in their own Catholic community (parish) on a regular basis, by full conscious, active, participation. It is from our Catholic communities of worship, charity, mercy, justice and truth that our schools find their roots and meaning.

The glory of God is the human person fully alive and, to this end, Excellence in formation of the human person to be all that God wants each person to be is our mission. “How precious must the human person be in the eyes of the Creator, to have gained so great a Redeemer.” (cf. Redemptor Hominis #10 St Pope John Paul II) These foundational principles of Catholic education is the mission Island Catholic Schools.

Finally raising children, is an AWEsome responsibility which we share in mutual trust and collaboration as parents, educators, and parishes. And with the grace of the Holy Spirit our schools, create an environment where our young people can grow in faith hope and love.




Hear From Our Teachers

“It has been a privilege to serve and be part of ICS for the past 22+ years. Born and raised in the beautiful Cowichan Valley, I am a teacher and former student of Queen of Angels School. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing staff and students. Queen of Angels is not just a school…It is a family. We support each other and provide a warm and loving environment where students and families feel safe and enjoy learning. We encourage our students to be the best they can be in a safe and inclusive environment. Students are supported in a Christian environment practicing our school G.O.A.L.S. (Gospel Values, Ownership, Attitude, Leadership). I feel truly grateful to be part of such a loving and wonderful community.”

Sarah Walsh, Grade 2, Queen of Angels Catholic School

Catholic Worldview

A Catholic Worldview is about integrating our Catholic Faith with our daily living. It is being caught up in an amazing cosmic and historical love story between God and God’s Creation.

There are many different worldviews; the lenses through which we experience, understand and judge reality. Worldviews are largely made up through the symbols, big questions and foundational stories we tell ourselves individually and communally. It’s a worldview that is shaped by the revelation of a God who creates and sustains everything; declaring it good and gifting humanity with a special relationship to reflect the Divine image and likeness. This love story goes further, showing a God who desires to heal, forgive and redeem all who are broken by dysfunction and sin. This is proclaimed most clearly through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, the followers of Jesus Christ; the Church, witness to the Good News of this Love Story in word and deed.


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