The Catholic Schools Plan

Q. What is the Catholic Schools Plan?
A. The Catholic Schools Plan is a vision for safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable Catholic schools. It includes upgrading and amalgamating our schools in Greater Victoria.

Q. What prompted the Plan?
A. A review of the facilities and enrollment patterns of the four Catholic schools in Greater Victoria took place a number of years ago.  

Q. What is the current enrolment and how many students do you expect in future?
A. We currently have approximately 1,000 students in Greater Victoria. The Catholic Schools Plan envisions two elementary schools with 400 students each and a high school with room for approximately 450 students.

Q. Which schools will be affected by the changes?
A. All four Greater Victoria schools were and will be affected.  St. Andrew's Elementary School was closed in June 2013.  The St. Joseph's School renovation (including an addition) and seismic upgrade was completed in August 2014.  St. Patrick's School will be seismically upgraded in the summer of 2016 and plans for a major renovation and partial rebuild are being developed for St. Andrew's Regional High School. 

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