Religious Education at Island Catholic Schools

The Church exists to Evangelize with Mercy and Joy. Our Island Catholic Schools are a vital extension of this Mission of the Church to be and proclaim the Good News to a wounded world. Jesus Christ is the center of this message and remains the heart and center of our Catholic Schools. The ICS Religious Education Curriculum has been recently realigned to the Canadian Bishop’s Criteria for Catechesis from Infancy to Age Eighteen to provide “clear learning outcomes and clear indicators of student achievement” The two officially approve programs to assist teachers and learners in achieving these outcomes are the CCCB’s Born of the Spirit Series and Harcourt’s Call to Faith.
Island Catholic Schools aim to integrate the faith in all subject areas and takes serious the Six Formational Tasks of Catechists: formation in the knowledge of faith, prayer formation, liturgical & sacramental formation, moral formation, community formation, missionary service formation. All of this formation leads students to become their best selves, committed citizens and dedicated disciples of God.

Please pray we may be faithful to our tasks.


Glen Palahicky M.Ed

Live the Joy of the Gospel