The Application Process

Step 1: Submit An Application

All applicants are required to submit the following:

Please send the completed application form and all supporting documentation to:

Island Catholic Schools International Student Program
880 McKenzie Ave.
Victoria, BC  V8X 3G5

Step 2: Interview With School Administration & Campus Tour 

After the application form, required supporting documentation, and application fee have been submitted, the parents and/or guardians of the applicant are asked to contact our school office to arrange the next step in the admissions process, the interview with school administration if possible. Following this interview with the Principal or Vice Principal, a tour of the campus to view our facilities and classes may be organized if requested and time allows. English Proficiency Testing may also be required at all grade levels.

Step 3: Acceptance

After review of supporting documentation and assessments, applicants who are serious in their interest in St. Andrew’s are given consideration for admission. It is the school's policy to advise prospective families of admission acceptance as soon as possible. Notification of acceptance is sent via letter which will include the invoice for international tuition and homestay fees. A Wire Transfer is the preferred method of payment from overseas. Once the tuition fees have been received by ICS, a letter of confirmation stating that tuition fees have been paid in full will be issued for immigration purposes.


When it is clear St. Andrew’s is not the right fit for the student, or will have difficulty being admitted because of limited space, prospective parents are immediately advised. These difficult decisions are made with careful consideration and with the best interest of the student in mind. If an applicant is not granted a place due to availability of space, the student will be automatically wait-listed and may be reconsidered in light of unexpected enrollment changes in the late spring and summer.