Hosting An International Student

Hosting international students is a wonderful opportunity to develop a friendship with someone of a totally different culture. The friendship grows from an understanding and acceptance of two different cultures that the student and family introduce to each other.

Host families develop and maintain a relationship with the International Student which includes encouraging good healthy habits and relationships. Homestay parents become partners in the learning process. They nurture appropriate study habits in the student. Even if the student is only with a family for a short-stay program, he/she becomes a participating member of the homestay family. Remember, the main role of the host family is to provide a safe, comfortable home environment within which the student feels at ease and is encouraged to use his/her English-speaking skills.

What Are The Responsibilities of A Homestay Family?

  • To provide a separate bedroom for the student which includes a bed, closet, dresser and desk
  • To provide a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner daily for the student unless other arrangements have been made for the day
  • To provide an English-speaking environment in the household
  • To do the student’s laundry (or provide laundry facilities if the student wishes to do their own laundry)
  • To orient the student to Victoria, to your neighbourhood and to the neighbourhood of the school
  • To involve the student in all family activities whenever possible
  • To encourage the student to learn about Canadian culture, lifestyle and family life
  • To take an interest in the student’s progress at school
  • To respect the rights, privacy and culture of the student
  • To provide safe transportation for elementary students to and from school each school day (car,
  • To pick up the student from the Victoria International Airport
  • To take the student to the airport once their stay is finished

Process of Application To Become A Homestay Family

  • Complete ICS Host Family Application.
  • Coordinator meets all family members and previews home.
  • Upon approval, all permanent household members over the age of 18 must have a criminal record check. (If you already have a recent criminal record check as a volunteer in a school or another organization, you may submit a copy of this for our records).
  • Family is placed in ICS data base of available homestay.
  • Student(s) are then placed and follow-up visits occur.

What do we provide for host families?

  • Monthly remuneration
  • Orientation
  • On-going support