International students coming to Island Catholic Schools are required to stay with a Canadian family approved by the school. We take great care in finding a suitable family by having the student fill out a homestay placement application and match them with a compatible family based on their answers. We consider the homestay family a very important part of the International Student Program. Families provide not just room and board, but they become friends and guides in a new culture. It allows the student to improve his or her English at a faster rate, experience Canadian culture, and to participate in the everyday activities of a Canadian family.

Homestay families develop and maintain a relationship with the International student which includes encouraging good healthy habits and relationships. Homestay parents become partners in the learning process. They nurture appropriate study habits in the student and share success and concerns with the International Coordinator. The international student becomes a participating member of a homestay family.

The Island Catholic Schools International Coordinator interviews and screens all homestay families to ensure a safe, caring environment for the student. In many cases, one of the family's children already attends the school at which the international student will be attending. We encourage the homestay families to keep in touch with the school regarding all aspects of the student's welfare. The administration and faculty will, in return, keep the families informed at all times regarding academic and behavioral progress. Students are provided with all meals and snacks and a private furnished room. In addition, the International Coordinator is responsible for the on-going monitoring of the family and student by completing two homestay visits per year.