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Introduction to Teacher Training for BCeSIS:

This set of online courses is designed to solve the problem of how to you train new teachers to use BCeSIS and/or refresh the knowledge of existing teachers using BCeSIS. There is a course specifically for elementary teachers and a seperate course for high school teachers.

Each lesson in the course is broken into two parts. In the first part teachers are able to watch a short online demostration of how to perform a particular task, for instance attendance. Once they have viewed the whole demostration then they can do an interactive demostration where they actually do each step with the instructor guiding them. (ie. actually click buttons on the screen doing the actual steps they would do in a classroom).

For elementary teacher the lessons include:

  • Logging into BCeSIS
  • Taking daily attendance
  • Entering curriculum marks into the report cards.

For high school teacher the lessons include:

  • Logging into BCeSIS
  • Taking period attendance
  • Entering marks into the report cards
  • Create preps for grade
  • Creating and entering marks for assignments
  • Posting marks from gradebook into the report card.